Expertly Engineered Solutions

Solving Problems Is A Process

When working in a constantly changing industry like material handling, it’s important to have a process that remains the same. This ensures that things run smoothly and seamlessly as we work through each unique problem. And you’re with us every step of the way. We are constantly communicating, sharing our progress, explaining our solutions, answering your question and getting approval to move on the to next phase.

The Proos Process


You submit the request, we create the solution. From the initial conversation, our team will work closely with yours, gathering all the necessary information to design the perfect solution for your needs. We’ll walk through design constraints—material to be handled, building layout, ergonomics, delivery sequence, and much more—to ensure we get it right from the start.


With initial plans in place, our sales and technical teams regroup to bridge the gap between concept and tangible solutions. We work with you, discussing potential scenarios and considering all aspects of the project—quality design, value engineering, manufacturability, functionality, and sustainability—in order to frame out a plan. We provide you with cost, conceptual modeling, and a projected timeline to ensure we’re in alignment on next steps.


After quote acceptance, our engineers take the reins to narrow down all the fine details. We design for manufacturability and keep the end goal in mind—that our solution will provide complete optimization and efficiency for your space. Our engineers review every aspect of your solution’s functionality with you, from increasing your footprint to how the design will affect your installation timeline.


Prototype testing at Proos occurs on a project-by-project basis. With our expertise and knowledge, some designs won’t require testing. Other designs might call for a FAT to ensure your solution will function at its highest level in your facility. You can trust that we’re capable and experienced—and that whichever path your project takes, your solution will be ready for implementation.


While engineering works tirelessly through your design, our scheduling and project management teams are making sure we have the capacity, equipment, and resources required to take on any scale project. Then, we build. Everything that has happened behind the scenes—strategy, design, collaboration—turns into something tangible. Most companies design one and build one; we design one and manufacture thousands.


We’ve used our expertise to take your solutions from first sketches to final production. Now, we hand it off to the next set of experts. We work closely with top-tier third-party companies to get your solutions installed and your materials moving better than ever.

*Our commitment to excellence extends through our ISO 9001:2015 certification and PPAP enforcement, which together provide a set of standardized requirements for our quality management system. In addition, we train employees in our four-tier program covering parts, process documents, and procedures. Upon completion of Tier 4, employees are considered company and process experts capable of training Tier 1 employees. Along with our carefully monitored company-wide training and advancement requirements, Proos has quality assurance personnel in every manufacturing department of the company.