Redesign of Faulty Grille Bracket


Redesign of Faulty Grille Bracket (American made mid-size SUV)


Original grille bracket design sent to Proos by an American automotive manufacturer’s purchasing group. Proos manufactured the bracket per received design specifications and the bracket failed vehicle crash tests.

Proos Manufacturing - Faulty Grill Bracket

Proos Manufacturing - Redesigned Grill Bracket


Our engineers at Proos worked with the automotive client’s engineering department to design a new grille bracket for the SUV. Drawing on our knowledge of the office furniture industry and our own workspace cantilever bracket design, Proos designed, and ultimately manufactured, a new grille bracket after it passed the Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The new bracket passed the vehicle crash tests and was in production for the next seven years.


Proos solved a major design problem for the client’s failed bracket, which led to seven years of production and continued business with the automotive client to this day.

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