Manufacturing Rail Assemblies


Manufacture a mass quantity of rail assemblies to open and close commercial gate entrance systems.


Proos was hired by a company that produces commercial and residential entrance systems to manufacture rail assemblies that would open and close commercial gates. Production was slow and labor intensive and after each assembly was hand-welded and painted, three bearings had to be aligned for press fit. The team was experiencing difficulty with all three bearings aligning due to the heat from welding the unit, and because the part was being assembled by hand, only 4-6 assemblies were manufactured per hour. The project was also being dual-sourced between Proos and another company.


The engineers assigned to the project investigated methods for faster production with equally superior results and proposed using robotic welding to reduce time and increase productivity. Using robots for the welding increased production capabilities from 4-6 units per hour to 15 per hour.

3D model used in the manufacturing of the rail assemblies.


Proos’ new method of manufacturing the rail assemblies proved so efficient that the project, once dual-sourced, was awarded solely to Proos. Prior to welding with the robot it was difficult to produce the 50 assemblies required per month; now Proos manufactures about 100 per month on an on-going basis.

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