Manufacture of Video/Security Components


Manufacture 125+ assemblies and 400+ components for a newly relocated company.


A video and security systems company was acquired out of North Carolina and operations were moved to the parent company’s location in Michigan. Proos was contracted to manufacture parts and assemblies needed and was initially told the project would not consist of very many assemblies. The project proved difficult as it blossomed to 125+ assemblies and 400+ component parts. With the immediate closing of the southern plant Proos had very little time to produce parts to keep the customer’s orders on time.


The engineers at Proos manufactured the high quality aluminum parts and intricate assemblies. The components needed custom paint finishes and our engineers collaborated with a paint supplier to meet those needs. The project team worked around scheduling issues with the customer to keep all orders on time, and 75% of all the products were completed within a six month time frame.

Proos Manufacturing

Proos Manufacturing

Proos Manufacturing


Proos successfully manufactured all the required parts and assemblies for the video and security systems company, which has led to ongoing business with this division as well as its parent corporation. In addition, this project greatly expanded Proos’ capabilities and expertise working with aluminum.

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