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Tyler C. was hired by Proos as a Press Brake Operator in 2010 after working for his family’s manufacturing company for a period of time. Tyler gained experience coordinating projects and working on press brakes while at the company. He also had the chance to perform CAD work during this time. In high school Tyler had been given the opportunity to take some CAD classes, which he excelled in, but his lack of interest in school led him to the workforce instead of college. Tyler’s desire to expand his experience and knowledge prompted him to join the Proos team in 2010.


After working on the press brakes for a year at Proos, Tyler showed great potential. The Engineering Supervisor offered Tyler the chance to advance within Proos by attending college. Tyler accepted Proos’ offer to send him to school and he began working in the Engineering Department at Proos in addition to working the press brakes. He began attending Ferris State University in 2011 to study Manufacturing, and has been a student in addition to an Engineer at Proos for three years. In the spring of 2015, Tyler will obtain his Associate’s Degree summa cum laude from Ferris. He will continue his education at Ferris in the Manufacturing program and obtain his Bachelor’s Degree.


Tyler believes that without his experience working at Proos in the Engineering Department he would not have been able to succeed at school. Working while going to college has given him a vast array of knowledge and new, innovative ideas which he has been able to apply both at work and in school. Tyler feels that his growth both personally and professionally would not have been possible without the encouragement and opportunity provided by Proos. Seeing the contribution he makes to the Proos team has given Tyler confidence not only in his work but in his education.

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