Custom Aisle Lighting Design


Design custom aisle lighting components for auditoriums.


Proos was contacted to design custom components for two auditoriums that were lacking integral parts for their aisle lighting. The lights that run along the aisles of the auditoriums are affixed onto brackets that are friction fitted into tubes mounted underneath the seats. One customer was lacking actual lights with encasements for their aisles, and the other was lacking the bracket to connect their lights with the under-mounted tube.


Proos custom designed and fabricated the necessary lighting components for both customers. The challenge was to design parts that matched the architectural style of the auditoriums so there was continuity with the previously existing décor. For the customer without lights, in addition to designing an encasement that affixed to the already existing bracket, Proos also sourced the lighting – low voltage LED’s – from vendors to ensure functionality and continuity of design. For the customer without the mounting bracket, Proos designed the bracket to hold the lights the customer had, ensuring the bracket would friction fit with the tubes under the seats, as well as fit with the architectural style.


The engineers at Proos exhibited our “can do” attitude by doing what was right for the customer, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We solved these customers’ electrical design dilemmas with expertise and ingenuity.

Proos – Providing cost-effective solutions to bridge product design with successful manufacturability.

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