Cherry Collection Tank Design


Design and manufacture cherry collection tanks for use by cherry orchard farmers.


Proos was contacted by a supplier of orchard storage containers to design a collection tank capable of holding a large quantity of cherries as well as the water needed to keep the cherries buoyant. The purpose of the tanks is to hold the cherries from the time of picking, through transport, to processing. Previous tank designs manufactured were prone to rusting and metal fluctuation due to extreme weight. In addition to high weight capability requirements, a series of state certified tests must be passed prior to receiving approval for manufacture and distribution of these tanks.


The engineers at Proos designed and manufactured a steel bin that is Michigan state certified and was the first orchard storage tank in fifteen years to pass the initial state certification tests. When full, each tank holds thirty cubic feet of cherries and water, weighs 2,000 lbs and can support up to 6,000 lbs of weight. Because the steel is fully formed and consists of only six pieces welded together (standard tanks contain 16 pieces), there is limited water retention and as a result, limited chance of rust occurring inside the tank. The innovative ribbing on the sides of the tank adds strength and reduces fluctuation of the steel. This strength and fluctuation reduction enables each tank to support two additional tanks on top while in transport. Each bin also contains an FDA food-grade powder coat finish.

Cherry Bins - Proos Manufacturing

Cherry Bin - Proos Manufacturing



Once the tank was state certified the customer immediately placed an order for the first 100 tanks and anticipates needing up to 3,000 tanks next year. Proos is exploring automation options for tank manufacturing in the future because the units are currently welded by hand, require a two person team and take an hour and 15 minutes to manufacture. It is anticipated that increasing our technology and utilizing robotics to weld the tanks could cut manufacture time to 30 minutes..

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