Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is of the utmost priority at Proos. Our commitment to excellence extends through our ISO 9001:2008 certification, which provides a set of standardized requirements for our quality management system. Our nearly 100-year-old reputation is sustained by the quality of products we produce, and the relationships we develop with our customers by providing outstanding service and continually working to improve customer satisfaction.

Proos invests in advanced manufacturing technology as well as the latest information technology, and we train our staff to the highest standards.


We ensure we continue to meet our customers’ expectations on design, manufacturing, fabrication, supply chain and distribution by focusing on the quality of our products and our service.

We provide four training tiers for our employees at Proos Manufacturing and Proos Fabrication and enforce PPAP for our automotive, industrial and office furniture customers. Tier 1 of training involves company and parts introductions, process documents and procedures. Employees move through the training tiers and upon completion of tier 4, they are considered company and process experts capable of training tier 1 employees. In addition to our carefully monitored company-wide training and advancement requirements, Proos has quality assurance personnel in every manufacturing department of the company.

A positive attitude will have a positive outcome with quality being the number one factor.Proos Electrical Family



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