Cable Control Assemblies


Develop method and system to increase continuity testing accuracy for cable control assemblies.


Proos was performing continuity tests on cable control assemblies for a customer who is an integrator of hydraulic systems. The multiple button control pendants were being tested manually for accuracy using a series of lights. This method of testing was confusing and tedious, and resulted in user and testing error.


Proos took it upon themselves to develop a new method of testing the assemblies for their customer. Engineers designed a custom testing station that checks continuity and button accuracy of the pendants for the cable control assemblies. The pendants are slid into a machine that runs a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) program on them; pendants that pass the continuity test are released with a notification on the box, faulty pendants are not released by the machine and must be manually released. Engineers at Proos designed the machine and system in-house and had it built by an outside source, then Proos rebuilt it to increase robustness.


The new testing station increased throughput by 15% and opened up avenues for future testing developments by Proos. The new system is a more robust continuity testing process and significantly reduced field failures for the client. Proos took the initiative to improve their customer’s testing process, which has strengthened the business alliance and increased the customer’s commitment to Proos.

Proos Manufacturing - Cable Control Assembly

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